Workstation Magic

Posted on Apr 25, 2019
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If you’re a nerd like me, wait hold up, nobody is a nerd like me. I’m basically insane. Let’s roll that again.

I am a crazy person, and am obsessively interested in productivity hacks. More importantly, I’m obsessed with experimenting with my setup. I shift from laptop-only to multi-monitor to Samsung Dex and back about as often as most brush their teeth (stupid metaphors, anyone?).

The latest one is kind of interesting, though. It allows me to work from 2 machines simultaneously, even though those machines are completely different operating systems (MacOS and Ubuntu). I get all the computing and creative power of the Mac with the simplicity and light-weight benefits of running Ubuntu on a laptop that is also physically light-weight.

Here’s the rundown:

Here’s a list of the tools I am using (that are featured in that video):

Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th Gen (love that thing)
Macbook Pro (circa 2015)
Synergy server

Fun times, y’all.

Drop me a comment to a) Tell me how crazy I am, b) Ask a question about the setup or, c) Tell me I did something wrong!