Just Some Funny Stories From My 3rd Stint at Infusionsoft - Morning Coffee #31

Posted on Nov 23, 2018

This starts out with me having to interview to get a job back at Infusionsoft. (Shout out to Scott Morrison)

1:15 - I am asked to stay at Infusionsoft for more than 2 years (I didn’t)

2:24 - I forget how English works

2:30 - I set up a standing desk WAY before it was cool

2:55 - I knock the coffee right off the counter - quite messy haha

6:00 - I am asked to change my last name (not allowed to be a Martineau any more)

7:45 - Clate shuts that madness right down

9:30 - I get connected with Micah Mitchell and ScoMo offers me more money to stay

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