Commas: The MOST Misunderstood Punctuation?

Posted on Apr 17, 2019
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I wish it weren’t true, but the vast majority of people simply don’t understand how commas and other various grammatical instruments work. Some say it doesn’t matter (they’re called descriptivists, i.e. wrong), as the only thing that matters is getting your point across.

Problem is, they don’t taking into consideration the fact that other people have to understand what they’re trying to say. And more often than not you end up with problems like the Love Trumps Hate debacle.

For those who don’t understand how apostrophes work, that could be interpreted as ‘Love Trump’s Hate’, meaning love the hate that Trump is spreading, even though in reality it means exactly what it says: Love Trumps Hate (love is more powerful than hate).

The classic example, of course, is the slow children sign, which of course means _Slow_. Children at play. But it can easily be interpereted to mean _Slow children_ at play.

So yeah, it matters.

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