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Posted on Apr 9, 2019
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It’s never fun to break up with something that you’ve had such good times with for so long. You almost want to stick around just for old times’ sake, even though you know you’ve found something better for yourself.

I have been hard core into the apple “ecosystem” for the better part of a decade, and honestly I never thought I’d ever switch away from it.

I think a big part of the reason why I lasted so long on a Mac is because I had a decal sticker that made my machine mine. And it didn’t feel like it was just a bumper sticker, it was something that made my computer more than just a Mac, it was my computer.

That computer’s battery bit the dust not long ago and I had to acquire a new machine to work on. I got super lucky that my dad had an old Macbook that he was no longer using (having recently upgraded to a computer that is, in all seriousness, way too powerful for him), and so I got back into the flow, having not missed a beat.

But there is something lacking in this ‘new’ machine. It could be as simple (and dumb) as the fact that it doesn’t have that same decal on the back, but I think it’s actually something deeper. I think I’m finally seeing that Mac for what it is - one of a million.

It could be the elder millenial in me talking, but I hate the idea that I’m not unique. I don’t like using things that other people use. I always want to be the only person using whatever I’m using, and in all seriousness, seeing someone else using something that I’m using kind of ruins it for me.

So once I started seeing this new computer without the decal and realizing that it could easily be mistaken for just about anyone’s machine, my dire attachment to it (and therefore, Apple products in general) started to die off.

And as I sit in this coffee shop writing this post, I look around me and literally every computer in this place is an Apple device of some sort. 3 Macbooks, an iPad (probably the newest iPad Pro, judging by the size), and an iPad mini over there in the corner. Call me crazy, but that bothers me.

It’s time to jump back into the world of non-Apple computing. I’m already off iOS (have been for several years), but ditching MacOS feels like a bigger deal than I’d have expected it to be. Don’t get me wrong, my Macbook lasted longer than any other computer I’ve ever owned by an extremely wide margin (5 years or so). I loved every minute of using it, and have absolutely no complaints.

That’s what makes this breakup so hard.

It’s not you, Apple.

It’s me.